American Pale Ale

pale can

STYLE - American Pale Ale

ABV - 4.5

IBU - 35

MALTS - American Ale, Ale

HOPS - Cascade, Amarillo, Columbus

Straw coloured with a white head. Killer Sprocket Pale Ale balances a pleasing malt backbone while staying hop forward and keeping overall bitterness low.


A stout with american hops

stout can

STYLE - American Stout

ABV - 5.8

IBU - 70

MALTS - Chocolate, Ale, Roasted Barley, Oats

HOPS - Cascade, Columbus

Dark and dry, Killer Sprocket Stout pours jet black with a tan head and aromas of toffee and brown sugar. On the palate you get flavours of espresso coffee and chocolate with a hint of burnt toffee ending with a resinous hop kick.


A darker shade of amber.

amber can


2014 CBIA Silver Medal - Amber Dark Ale
2014 AIBA Bronze Medal - Other Amber / Dark Ale

STYLE - American Amber Ale

ABV - 4.8

IBU - 27

MALTS - Pale, Munich, Crystal, Chocolate

HOPS - Cascade, East Kent Goldings, Amarillo

Killer Sprocket Amber Ale utilizes Pale, Munich, Crystal and Chocolate malts to achieve toffee and caramel flavours with a slight level of roasting. A combination of Cascade, East Kent Goldings and Amarillo hops, provide dryness to balance the sweetness of the malt and give the beer a bitter finish.


India Pale Ale with rye.

Rye IPA can.


ABV - 6.2

IBU - 100

MALTS - Ale, Rye, Light Crystal

HOPS - Amarillo, Centennial,Warrior, Columbus

Killer Sprocket Rye IPA is an American style IPA with a large hop presence. The beer utilizes 16% rye in the malt bill to provide a dry and spicy finish. We used Columbus as a dry hop to enhance the nose and create a more rounded flavor.


American pale ale with juniper berries.

Hey Juniper can

STYLE - American Pale Ale

ABV - 5.2

IBU - 50

MALTS - Ale, Vienna, Medium Crystal

HOPS - Amarillo, Cascade

Hey Juniper pours a hazy deep amber with a thick fluffy head and light carbonation. The aroma has a sweet burst of juniper and caramel with piny hops and citrus. There is a sharp and resinous bitterness that gives way to a light sweetness and flavours of juniper and spicy hops. It finishes with a prominent bitterness and lingering flavour of juniper and pine.


Peated ale.

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STYLE - Smoke Beer

ABV - 4.8

IBU - 45

MALTS - Peated Malt, Pilsner, Vienna, Brown Malt

HOPS - Hallertau, Saaz, Chinook

The Killer Sprocket Bandit pours a slightly hazy red-copper with a thin, quickly-dissipating head. Its bouquet is a medley of biscuit, dark fruit, toffee, spice and smoke. Its flavours invoke a combination of German Rauchbier and Pilsner styles, malty and spicy, and with a smoky finish, denoting the distinct presence of peated malt.